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My first introduction to leadership development came in the late 1990s when I was a young community organizer mobilizing people for empowerment and action.  I learned about investing time in people, building relationships, strategic planning, accountability, power mapping and the importance of developing and executing an  organizing chart.  I quickly learned that the people who often had the greatest impact were those who didn't have fancy titles and that leadership was a state of mind and a set of conscious behaviors that could be learned by anyone regardless of socioeconomic status or position within a community or organization. Fast forward 20 years, I began providing career and leadership coaching, management consulting and teaching  and training law students, lawyers and other professionals from all walks of life. Today, my practice has expanded to reach a broader variety of professionals and organizations seeking to align their core values to their work.



People are genuinely inspired, hopeful, empowered and effective in their workplace and where organizations and businesses are transformed into welcoming, inclusive and socially responsible communities.


Provide leadership, equity, and career coaching as well as organizational management consulting to individuals and organizations that creates greater purpose, capacity, resiliency and equity in the workplace and our communities. 

core values

Authenticity. Transparency. Strength-based. Grace. Compassion. Equity. Justice. Humor.

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